Tuesday, July 6, 2010

You heard it here first: Lebron will be a NY Knickerbocker. Now here's why....

You are about to look eerily into the future. Courtesy of me.

Lebron is NOT staying in Cleveland. Just stop it.

Okay. So make believe you are Tom Izzo. Head coach of the men's basketball team at Michigan State University. You are in discussions with the Cleveland Cavaliers to take their vacant head coaching job. Except for one tiny detail: Is Lebron staying in Cleveland? Let's be real. Without Lebron on that Cavs team, they're a lottery pick waiting to happen. I know what a lottery team looks like too: I'm a Knick fan. I've seen lottery teams up close. 82 disgusting games at a time. For the better part of a decade. Anyway, you're Izzo. Wouldn't you move heaven and earth to find out if Lebron is staying in Cleveland? Better yet, if you're Lebron, would you want to put your hometown team through the gut-wreching process of wondering if they can retain your services for the next 6 or so years? Right. If you're Izzo you wait to find out if Lebron is staying and if he's not, you suddenly pull your name out of consideration for the job. Done. LBJ, not a Cav this coming year.

The Knicks signed Amare Stoudemire days after speaking to LBJ

So let me get this straight: The Knicks decide to throw $100 million dollars at Amare after meeting with Lebron? Doesn't the inverse of the prior paragraph about Izzo hold true? Do you think that after calculatingly disassembling the Knicks roster the last couple of years to get the chance to sign LBJ and another max-type free agent, that you would take the chance of blowing the whole thing just to sign Amare? I like Amare and all, but he's not the type of player you build a franchise around.

The Knicks have money coming off the books NEXT year too...

So I recently read something that I didn't know: LBJ's best friend in the NBA is none other than Chris Paul. Eddy "Mmm is that bacon?" Curry's contract comes off the books next year. So let's recap quickly: The Knicks sign a potentially gimpy Amare after meeting with LBJ and his people for the second time in two days, and they're the only team of the big 4 (NYC, Miami, NJ, and the Bulls) to have salary cap space NEXT year when Carmelo Anthony and CP3 are free agents. CP3 happens to be LBJ's best friend in the NBA and was seen with Lebron at the Nike skills camp yesterday. Or, the same day that Amare gets signed. Okay, I hear what you're saying: Lu, you're stupid. That's not enough. Okay. Let's keep going...

Lebron, Wade and Bosh understand how big their decision is for the NBA..

Unlike Joey from Ronkonkoma, I know that LBJ and Wade are savvy enough to understand that this decision will shape the future of the NBA. They know that if Wade and Bosh go to Chicago (And yes, they are both going there) and LBJ, Amare and maybe CP3 go to NYC, there will be young superstars in 2 out of the top 3 markets in the NBA. The rekindling of the rivalry between the Knicks and Bulls will happen again. LBJ even said as much to a reporter. He alluded to the fact that they (meaning LBJ, Wade and Bosh) will be shaping the face of the NBA for years to come with their forthcoming decisions. Wade and Bosh already sat in on the same pitch meeting from the Bulls. Amare came to NYC, and I bet that Joe Johnson may have been a part of this too. Except NOBODY thought that Atlanta would be stupid enough to offer him a max contract. Did you?

Eddy Curry again.

Lebron, who has the same agent as Curry, reached out to that fat bag of excrement to work out with him. Lebron, if you haven't noticed, is in impeccable shape. Curry? Not so much. LBJ doesn't like, hang with Curry. He's not going to get any nutrition tips from him or learn how to do a better push up because of him. Could this also be a means of getting his new team mate in better shape for when he joins him this season? I'm betting yes.

Lebron wants to run..

He has said it numerous times. He wants to run. He's been shackled by the stagnant Cleveland offense which apparently only has the old Allan Houston play: give Lebron the ball at the top of the key (or 3pt. line), everybody clear out and let him do his thing. With D'antoni, as much of a douchebag as he may be, coaching he'll never have to worry about not being able to outcoach the other team on offense. Supposedly he and D'antoni sat and talked X's and O's for about an hour and a half. Then, after D'antoni sold him how he can make the Knicks run with Lebron, they go out and sign the best running big man in the NBA to a contract. Coincidence? I don't think so.

Plus, the Knicks right now have a bunch of shooters in Gallinari (who in basically his first year of play led the league in 3's), Toney Douglas ( who will be a very good player) and just drafted two more guys who do nothing but shoot the 3. There are reports that the Knicks need to sign a real good PG right now, or trade for one to run the pick and roll. Perhaps Tony Parker even. They won't need it. If LBJ comes to the Knicks, they will have one of the best pick and roll combos EVER. Who's going to stop the 6'9", 260lb. forward throwing it up to the 6'10" athletic big man? No one. You thought Stockton to Malone was good? Just wait till you see LBJ to Amare. And if that gets bottled up for a second, they'll kick it across court to Gallinari who won't have a guy on him when he shoots his 3 now. This combination could rule the NBA for years. And I think D'antoni sold him on it.

James Dolan is a good owner. Yeah I said it.

Basically the guy will spend the money to make sure the team wins and he doesn't interfere with the front office. That sounds like a good owner to me. He'll let Walsh build a team around Lebron that will continue to win. Period. As long as he drafts better than missing on Brandon Jennings.

Lebron loves NYC.

He proved when he went to Yankee Stadium and wore a Yankee hat when they played the Indians in the playoffs a couple of years ago despite knowing that there would be negative press. That's ballsy love for the Yankees. And most importantly, he knows that if he wins here, it'll mean more than if he won anywhere else in the world. Mark Messier found that out when he won ONE championship here in NYC. Part of the problem was he was playing Hockey. He won like, 6(?) rings in Canadia and no one cared. He wins one in NYC? He's bangin' Madonna. Not real old, body builder Madonna either. The kind of a MILF Madonna.

So to sum up: Lebron will be playing in NYC this coming season and Wade and Bosh will be playing in Chicago reigniting their rivalry. And you can take that....to the bank.

******** UPDATE ********

ESPN has announced that the Lebron broadcast of his free agency decision will be broadcast from Greenwhich, Connecticut. Now, this doesn't guarantee that LBJ is coming to NYC, but gosh darnit, it's pretty close. Why would you broadcast this from Greenwhich if you're going to stay in Cleveland? Plus, why do this just to announce you're staying in Cleveland?

Obviously, I was wrong about Chicago. I thought Wade was going to go for Chicago since his kids will probably be there. This just means he doesn't love his kids. Now i'm glad the Knicks didn't get him.

It's LBJ this year and CP3 next year people. Knick fans rejoice!


ThePocketgeek said...

You had me right up until the point where you guarantee Wade and Bosch in Chicago. Sound, if circumstantial reasoning.
Personally I think it's between Cleveland and NY. I guess we will find out if you are right tomorrow.

Luis M. Espinoza said...

Yes. Theres some egg on my face with that prediction. But its still another Knick rivalry beign revivied, no? Ok, thats a reach. But I really do think that D'antoni and Walsh sold him on NYC. Especially with Amare brought into the fold.

A. Colom said...

Lou, all your other friends might want to protect you, but I gotta call an idiot, an idiot. You have now joined the worthless group of media talking heads who has no idea what they are talking about. I mean; it was beautiful watching you build this incredible argument for why Lebron was coming to NYC. Like Wall Street brokers, you’re a persuasive son of a gun, and you had me going, but there was only one problem: you had no idea what you were talking about. You, like the rest of the media, created something I like to call: invented logic. Your ideas followed logically. They could’ve been true. If they had been true, his choice of NYC would’ve been perfectly logical, but none of your logic was based on reality. See, you took your end desire to see Lebron in a Knicks jersey and invented a logic that would make that seem to be a certainty though it was far from the truth.

The only saving grace in your embarrassing highlighting of your own stupidity is your way of assuming your own logic – just because it is logical – is real, follows the every day pattern of our contemporary media. For tons of people the fact that NYC was attacked by Muslims combined with the fact that we went to war with Iraq, must’ve meant we were attacked on 9/11 by Iraq. Seriously. Despite the fact that many, many, many people have asserted quite clearly that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. It mean, it would’ve made sense, if it were true, but its not. Anyways, I digress. Lou, I beg you to have a grain of dignity and stop running your blog at all if you’re gonna run it like a bloody pundit. Those guys who go on TV and make predictions about everything from the economy, the war, to movies, and sports, they’re just the pits. God, just say, I don’t f-king know!

The only person dumber than pundits like Lou are these sport’s writers condemning Lebron for promoting himself, for disloyalty, and for daring to think he is special, extraordinary, someone who can do something much better than those puny writers can do anything. First, the disloyalty claim. One pundit called him disloyal. Seriously. So, if whatever corporate entity writes her paycheck was outbid by another corporate entity, she wouldn’t leave in a second? Joke. Lebron is supposed to stay in his home state? Does she live in her home state? He gotta stay cause some people like the hometown hero narrative. Get serious.

Oh but it gets worse. The this is too much ego, self-promoting crowd of sport’s writer hypocrites. Think about the irony of an Internet writer or television sport’s pundit criticizing Lebron for seeking too much attention and for wanting his team choice to be a huge media deal. When the hell did the media try to stop a huge media frenzy? They pumped tons of the gasoline into the Lebron media machine. The irony is stunning. Writers admonish Lebron for being too self-promoting as a form of promoting him, just no longer as the hometown hero but as the big town bad boy. They just want to change the narrative, not because they care if it has any basis in reality, but because they think this narrative will help gain more attention and drama for the NBA and in return make them more money; all this drama about the cult of the personality they are feeding and complaining about at the same time.

And last to the destroyed hearts of Cleveland. Another media fantasy. So they found some burning jerseys…the owner lost his shit online. Seriously, one woman quoted a fan saying Cleveland always loses. Okay, so why should Lebron stay? Seriously, do people even really care about sports that much? If Lebron leaving the Cavs and the city or state never winning any championships is the worse thing happening in your life then you got a lot to be happy about. Most fans don’t care this much. Seriously. They have real problems. Sure, sports is a great distraction but the only people who care this much are pundits who invent logical fake realties, hypocritical sports drama queens, and former Johnny Gill lookalikes posting nonsense on this blog.

Luis M. Espinoza said...

First off, thanks for commenting? Long time no hear. With friends like you, who needs anuses?

Anyway, I agree with your basic premise about the media. It's the basic motivation for the blog to begin with. I can only say you're wrong about one thing: my prediction. My motivation was partly because i'm a long suffering Knick fan - and yes, you Cleveland fans have got it worse - and I wanted him here. Plus, I don't think I TRIED to sound like I actually knew about his motivations. Which is a HUGE difference between what I wrote and what the multitudes of writers have written. My well placed source was my own deductive reasoning. Sprinkled with some motivation as a fan.

As for the Gilbert thing, Im going to write a post about that, so I will not answer that at this moment, but I agree. He's a douche. LBJ is an athlete and an entertainer. And I wholeheartedly agree that it is incredibly ironic that the media is criticizing him for, calling the medias attention to the decision he made. Plus, I liked what LBJ said after Gilberts comments: (not verbatim, but this is what he meant) After hearing this, I know that I definitely made the right decision. Good for you Lebron. You can take the high road.

A. Colom said...

Lou, you know I look up to you like a dead-beat dad, man. My real beef has nothing to do with your blog but with the media, which I have come to see as a legitimate source of the problem with much of the way we discuss issues with one another and the way wee see our own economy. The media loves narratives. Obama on the ropes with healthcare, big second round knock out with the election of Scott Brown, Rocky Balboa come back with the help of Nancy Pelosi! Obama wins on healthcare, against the intense, screaming and yelling of a thousand people losing their minds. Obama is the man! He can do anything. Now, they hardly ever mention healthcare; and when they do its mainly to squeeze some more drama out of it. So Obama is riding high, then the oil spill is Obama's Katrina! He's so bad. He's out of touch. Spike Lee wants to see him get ANGRY! (I want to see Spike Lee make a good flick.) My point is that its not about reality, its about drama, conflict. These people talk about the news like its reality television.

And the opinionators. I can't take it anymore. Uninformed opinions have run amuck in our media. Freaking Junot Diaz several months ago wrote a piece in the New Yorker about how Obama has lost control of the narrative and the President's job is to be a storyteller. WTF!!! First off, that's not even original. That's what the talking head, pundits have been saying before and after Junot's piece. Of course, so many thought Junot was a genius for that piece. It actually made me to try to drown myself in the toilet. A famous and prized literature writer is repeating silly ideas from pundits! The agony! Obama has lost control of the narrative. The president's job is to be a storyteller. To tell us bedtime stories. Has Diaz lost his mind? The president has to make real decisions. I will be damned if we should have a president sitting around trying to figure out how to mold perception in a way that makes people like Junot FEEL GOOD. Junot is like Halle Berry in Monster's Ball. Obama, make me FEEL GOOOD. Get the hell out of there with that junk!
I'm not interested in a president shaping perception, but I am interested in a president changing reality for what he considers to be best in a way that much of the country will accept. Plus, Obama's problem is not losing the drug like affect he had on Junot's mind and body, but that MUCH of the country actually disagrees with him. There isn't a perception problem. There is a reality problem. Some conservative thinkers are secretly happy about the recession. This is the moment they have been waiting for. They realized cutting spending hurt them politically, so they decided to only cut taxes which helped them politically, and not cut spending, so that in the future a democratic president would be forced to raise taxes (politically hard thing to do) or cut spending (politically hard thing to do). That's why they invented the tea party to build a cut the deficit narrative. Obama could try to come up with a counter narrative, or he could actually accept he has to do something, because he does. He has to do something about the deficit, and he will likely have to raise taxes and cut spending. And make Junot feel good.

Andre said...

so, wait... what team did Obama choose to play for next season? The Washington Pundits? Man, what a traitor... He should be reading us books from Oprah's Secret Library. On ESPN Storytellers. With Rocky and Lebron and Delonte West and Zydrruo^&*($%&#& Ilgousak#$^&*196.

But on a serious note... Did you know we are born without kneecaps?

Luis M. Espinoza said...

Andre, are you trying to sell us something?

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