Friday, March 5, 2010

(Is) My mind playin' tricks on me?

I know that in the past, I have been known to give weight to some conspiracy theories. Yes, I know that the possibility remains that when I get older my daughter may be coming to visit me in the mental ward of a, hopefully, respected institution because of these beliefs. However, i'm wondering about another perceived slight: Tim Tebow. Yeah, Tim Tebow.

Now, I know that Tim Tebow has had a great collegiate career. He is a beloved figure in Florida and won the Heisman Trophy. Great. Seriously. No sarcasm there. I'm happy for him. No problem with fans loving him. He scrambles for important yards, is really "fiery", threw for a lot of yards (exclusively from the shotgun formation), and won a lot of games. There are varying opinions on him, as there usually are this time of year around draft-eligible quaterbacks. Except the difference is that this draft has Tim Tebow, a (lets not ignore it) White quarterback. Like I detailwed earlier, it is a common practice to dissect a QB's throwing motion this time of year. The knock on him is three-fold: He has a long throwing motion (and yes, he really does) which will make it difficult for him to get rid of the ball quickly, his accuracy is erratic and finally, he threw exclusively from the shotgun formation which will not be happening in the NFL.

These are 3 things that really hurt a QB's stock in the draft. If you're drafted in the top 10 of the draft as a QB, this means that a team is saying that it thinks that you are a franchise-changing QB. You sir, are a franchise QB. Said QB will become a millionaire many times over with the signing of their rookie contract. This is a huge thing. If a team messes up a top 10 pick on a QB, its serious business. It can set a franchise back years in its pursuit for a championship. Ask the Chargers about Ryan Leaf, the Bengals about Akili Smith and, well, the list is very long.

The difference in this is that Tebow is having some heavy hitters really go to bat for him. Sam Wyche says that the kid will be a great QB. He even has Dick Vitale. Yes, that Dick Vitale. Dick "My head will explode if there's one more dunk BABY!!" Vitale. All of a sudden he's an expert too. He thinks that Tebow will be a franchise changing QB. If Tebow ever becomes a franchise QB, Vitale will become so excited he will literally become energy. Kind of like when Obi-Wan let Vader think he killed him, when he just became more powerful and turned into energy. At least thats what the geek in me says. And no, I am not a virgin.

One of the reasons given for his predicted success in the NFL is his intelligence. He's a creationist. How smart do you think he could possibly be? I'd really be interested to see how he does on the wonderlic test. Although, the Wonderlic test is pretty darned easy. Click on this link to see how well you do:

I know i'm going to come off as intolerant of peoples religious beliefs, but, c'mon. I've seen cartoon drawings that these people have prepared to teach their children Creationism. They have cavemen, or cavepeople, riding dinosaurs.

Its similar to White privilage. Its not that I think that Vitale is some sort of White supremisist. A little off? Maybe. I can't imagine having a beer with the guy. 10 minuces into it I think I would slowly be backing out of the room. But its just that someone like Vince Young wasn't having sports celebrities vouch for him. Which is what Vitale is. He's not a football expert. He's a college basketball personality. That's it. Better example: Charlie Ward. He didn't have Charles Barkley telling everybody how Ward would be a franchise QB. He knew better than to be screaming from teh rooftops that Ward would be great. No one would have taken him seriously. Ward, as some you already know, went on to have a better than average career in the NBA playing for my beloved NY Knicks. According to reports, Ward was not going to be drafted before the third round. He told teams that if wasn't going to be drafted in the first round: don't bother drafting him. People want to talk about what kind of an athlete Tim Tebow is? Ward was twice drafted to play baseball! In 1993 he was drafted by the Brewers and by the Yankees in 1994 to be a pitcher. He decided to go to the NBA when the Knicks drafted him at the end of the first round. He was the career leader in steals at Florida State. He was no slouch in basketball either as evidenced by his going on to have a decent career in pro basketball.

I'll be interested to see how this kid does in the pro's. I'm not rooting against him, i'm just not cheering wildly for him. There is a difference. I don't hate him or hate on him. I'm just sayin'...


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